Me and Jaclyn started Little Bot Baby back in 2016 in Calgary, when we were two young parents working in the oil and gas industry. It was supposed to be a side project out of our passion for baby products and business in general and I have never imagined that our latest play mat collection (aka the Ofie mat™) made a hit in the parenting market.
A good play mat can’t do wrong on two things: the quality and the style (well, that’s true just about everything...). In making Ofie mat, we had a clear mind that we want the very best foam mat we can possibly find and we searched and tested pretty much everything out there that we can put our hands on. Also, at that time, our original foam mat has been in the market for a while and we collected quite some feedback and we know what we want in our 2nd Gen. It turns out that people love it for its softness and scratch-resistant feature. Our instagram (@littlebotbaby) was even tagged with a dog on her own Ofie mat! We were shocked, but in a very sweet way.
Jaclyn is the soul behind Little Bot. I am more like a daily operator that runs just about everything but Jaclyn has an eye on design. She is so good that sometimes I just wonder if she isn’t a lawyer, she will make a very good designer.
A play mat is a visual thing. It plays a role in home decor (nursery room, play room and maybe living room). Ofie mats are neutrally designed to fit in there. We use quite a lot greyish colour cause they are comfy and neutral. Elements are kept simple but we want the details to stand out. There are more crazily exciting designs we are making and will take to live next year!
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