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Product Care

Q: How to clean the Ofie Mat?

A: All household detergents such as hand soap, all purpose cleaner, and disinfecting wipes, and diluted vinegar are all safe on the Ofie Mat. We recommend baby wipes since it is safe for babies. 

Q: How to clean up spills on the Ofie Mat?

A: Any spills can be easily removed with baby wipes. For coffee and tea which may leave a light mark on the mat if left sitting, we recommend using bleach to remove the stain. Bleach will not damage Ofie mat.

Product Information

Q: What kind of material is your baby foam play mat made of?

A: Our Ofie mat™ is made from non-toxic TPU foam (thermoplastic polyurethane).

    Q: Where is your play mat made from?

    A: They are made in China. 

    Q: What is the difference between and

    A: is our Canadian store and is our U.S. store. 

     Q: What is the size of your mat and how thick is it?

    A: Ofie mat measures 6.5 x 4.5 ft and 0.6 inch thick.

     Q: I bought an ofie mat (country road + triangle, large) but the country road on the mat I received doesn't match the one on your product page.

    A: This is normal and doesn't mean defective. Each mat could look slightly differently as the pattern is repeating.

    Return & Shipping Policy

    Q: What is your return policy?

    A: We have a 30-day guaranteed return policy for our products. Simply send us an email at, we will be able to help you from there.

    Q: What is the shipping cost?

    A: We offer FREE standard shipping across Canada and United States.

    Q: How long does it take for the play mat to deliver?

    A: Shipping usually takes about 4-5 days. We work with Amazon fulfillment centre and all major logistics company to process and handle your orders. So rest assured, the best team is taking care of your orders!