Ofie Mat Creases and Cold Weather

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This winter has been especially cold and with the temperatures in flux, new Ofie Mats are prone to get creases. But don't fret--you can get rid of them!


To remove unwanted creases on your Ofie Mat, we recommend that you place your Ofie Mat (still rolled up) on top of a vent at room temperature. Leave the playmat there for a few hours and you will notice the creases start to disappear!

This is due to the warm air from the vent and the neutral temperature in the room working to warm up the Ofie Mat and make it more flexible and soft. This also helps to get rid of curling and help your playmat become flat.


TL;DR (too long; didn’t read):

Cold air causes the Ofie Mat to freeze and loose its' flexibility. Place on a warm air vent in a neutral, temperate room for a couple of hours. This will warm up the playmat. 

Now, go out there and enjoy your new Ofie Mat!

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