Ofie mat, play mat, Little Bot, zen line, eze
Little Bot, Ofie mat, play mat, Eze
Little Bot Baby Play Mat (Ofie mat, zen line + eze)
Little Bot Baby Play Mat (Ofie mat, zen line + eze)
Little Bot Baby Play Mat (Ofie mat, zen line + eze)
Little Bot, Ofie mat, Eze, Play mat
Ofie mat, Little Bot, play mat, zen line
Little Bot Baby Play Mat (Ofie mat, zen line + eze)

Little Bot Baby Play Mat (Ofie mat, zen line + eze)

  • Beautifully designed floor mat for the next level of home comfort. Soft to the touch, easy to clean and pets friendly.
  • Ofie mat is a large single-foam mat that has reversible sides. Designed with a keen eye for detail, this shows how we believe home décor should be – simple, with a fun little twist (Little Bot playmats featured in New York Magazine and Design Milk).
  • It’s a safe and non-toxic play mat for babies and families. Our play mats are made from some of the best foam materials that are both safe and durable, and as fellow parents, we understand just how much safety and quality means to you.
  • Little Bot play mats are tested in U.S. certified labs. They are free of heavy metals, BPA, Lead, Formaldehyde, Phthalate, Formamide or fire retardant. There is no PVC or EVA foam in our play mats.
  • Our floor mats measures 6.5 ft x 4.5 ft and 1.5 cm thick (0.6 inch). They are super easy to clean and are vacuum safe. They can also be rolled up for storage when not in use.

Customer Reviews

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Frank Ngan
Great product

It is the greatest and safest play mat we can buy in Hong Kong. Light weight and easy to clean.

Xiaoxiao Yue

Little Bot Baby Play Mat (Ofie mat, zen line + eze)


Purchased 3rd mat already

Lasts about a year

I’m so disappointed in these mats. We’re on our third one in barely 2 years. I LOVE the thickness and the nontoxic material but they just don’t last. I replaced our first one after about 9 months due to extreme yellowing of the white side and our replacement did the same thing after the same time frame. I made sure to follow cleaning recommendations throughout ownership. Our dog medium dog (50 lbs) isn’t allowed on the mat because his nails puncture it. This is q side by side comparison of our 1 year old mat and our brand new mat. You can see that my gentle cleaner (water, vinegar, and a drop of Dishsoap) has soaked into those prior punctures from our dog and discolored the surrounding area even more. It is a stark difference in “whiteness” between the mats overall. The company did send a replacement (our third mat in total) which was nice but even after reaching out to them many times over the last couple years on cleaning tips, they’ve remained unable to provide substantial support in this area. When this one starts to yellow, I will be looking at a different brand.

Sarah Weber
Love it

Clean and cushy. Love that it’s reversible. Found a wooden playpen with the exact dimensions needed to enclose this great mat for my twin 7 month olds.