Little Bot, ofie mat, play mat, foam floor mat
Little Bot, ofie mat, soft baby play mat
Little Bot, ofie mat, soft baby play mat
Little Bot, ofie mat, soft baby play mat
Little Bot, ofie mat, baby play mat

Little Bot Baby Play Mat (Ofie mat, zen line + triangle)

  • Beautifully designed floor mat for the next level of home comfort. Soft to the touch, easy to clean and pets friendly.
  • Ofie mat is a large single-foam mat that has reversible sides. Designed with a keen eye for detail, this shows how we believe home décor should be – simple, with a fun little twist (Little Bot playmats featured in New York Magazine and Design Milk).
  • It’s a safe and non-toxic play mat for babies and families. Our play mats are made from some of the best foam materials that are both safe and durable, and as fellow parents, we understand just how much safety and quality means to you.
  • Little Bot play mats are tested in U.S. certified labs. They are free of heavy metals, BPA, Lead, Formaldehyde, Phthalate or fire retardant. There is no PVC or EVA foam in our play mats.
  • Our floor mats measures 6.5 ft x 4.5 ft and 1.5 cm thick (0.6 inch). They are super easy to clean and are vacuum safe. They can also be rolled up for storage when not in use.

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

We bought this mat about a year ago for our daughter and are very satisfied all around.
-it's aesthetically pleasing (since it's double sided, you can swap designs if you get bored of looking at one side too long)
-very easy to clean
-very comfortable to play on (I will say it probably is not meant for heavy jumping/wrestling unless there's carpet/rug underneath. Reminds me of one of those thick gym mats)
The ONLY suggestion I would make is that you use a rubber pad under the mat if you plan on laying this down on hardwood/hard flooring. Otherwise it will slide around.
Highly recommend this not just for kids but for adults too (put it in a workout room)!


This mat is legit the best. We love it!


Initially I was so excited to find a mat that would look nice in our home to replace the playmats we had with bright colored designs and characters.
However, we have opted not to buy any more of these because the quality is so much worse than our other mats.

First, when you stand on it, the foam inside is not that dense so my feet can feel the hardwood floor. (I'm 120 pounds for reference). I don't have this problem with our other mats.

Second, this mat already has two punctures in it! Our other playmats which we have owned for 3+ years remain free of any cuts or punctures. We have all the mats laid out in our living room so they are equally played on. I cannot believe this mat (and at this price) is so inferior in quality.

Although it may be prettier to look at, this mat does not stand up to other mats out there in quality.

So Disappointed

I was so excited to finally find a mat that also looked beautiful to replace the play mats we already had at home. However, the quality of the mat was so disappointing that I have kept our old mats, which have still held up much better than this mat and provide more cushioning as well.
Although this mat appears thick, the foam inside is not dense at all and when standing on it your feet will feel the hardwood floor (I am 120 pounds for reference)
This mat already has two punctures on one side. The playmats we have from two other companies have NO cuts or punctures and we have owned them 3 years longer than this new mat.

Although the mat is pretty, the quality does not hold up to other mats out there.

Love it

Mat is better than I expected! It’s SO plush, easy to wash and gorgeous! No weird smells, came packaged nicely. So happy with it!!